Komatsu Hydraulic Breakers are on the market for you with their high-impact energy, long service life and low operation costs.

These hydraulic breakers, which are the results of long-years experience and Komatsu Technology, are designed for the applications below.

  • Concrete, Asphalt demolitions and re-crushing
  • Rock demolitions and re-crushing (secondary crushing)
  • Stone & Mining applications
  • Building demolitions
  • Road construction applications

In brief, JTHB model breakers are ideal for all applications from recycling to construction and demolition sites, to mine sites and quarries.

High Impact Energy

The 30% of the impact energy required for crushing is obtained from hydraulic energy and 70% of it is obtained from gas energy. Hence, it has the high impact energy required for a good crusher.

In the gas chamber located on the topside of the breaker, there is a pressure of 8-11 bars. This pressure value varies depending on the breaker model.

Besides, the long piston used in the breaker is a good approach for the ideal energy transfer to the terminal of the breaker.

Reliability and Durability: Komatsu Technology

Manufactured with a very simple design, Komatsu Hydraulic Breakers have 30% less parts in comparison to its competitors. These breakers have a simpler system compared to its rivals which have a more complex design.

Thus, their repair and maintenance works are quicker and easier, they have less parts which will be abraded and need to be replaced and their maintenance costs and risks of failure are lower.

Distinctive long studs used in these breakers make the breakers -which are composed of lower, middle and upper parts- operate smoothly as a whole even after long hours of working.

After the deformations caused by the intensive vibrations occurring on the studs during operation, the stud can be strengthened again by solely replacing the helicoil thanks to the helicoils used in the knurl opening areas. In this way, the necessity of replacing that part of the breaker is avoided.

In addition to this, by means of the special rubbers used in the studs, vibrations are absorbed and diffusion of the vibrations towards the inner parts are prevented.


There is a valve helping fresh air enter into the breaker. (Bleed Valve) Thus, dirty and dusty air cannot get into the breaker thanks to this process.

With this specification which is lack in some of its rivals, you can safely keep the system clean in the breaker.

Low Operating Costs

Komatsu does not use batteries in hydraulic breakers while many other competitor brands do. Komatsu has succeeded in eliminating the usage of batteries by using its own technology.

It has made the fluctuation -occurring in the hydraulic system- ineffective without using a battery.

Following the studies conducted, new brackets became 15% lighter. Performance/weight balance ratio increased this way. Energy conservation was achieved, and this new bracket is easier to use for the operator.

The brackets can be mounted very easily. You can save time in this way. Work loss is less.

Easy Use Feature

Vibrations are absorbed thanks to the rubbers used in the breaker. Besides, a new bracket which reduces the noise and vibration was designed. It was highlighted by the operators -using Komatsu Hydraulic Breaker- from rival Construction Equipment that this breaker runs more quietly in comparison with other brands.

Komatsu breakers can be used even in old excavators as they are not very responsive to return pressure.

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