The smart way to have an equipment: Rental

Temsa İş Makinaları allows various sectors to lease special Construction Equipment.

Thanks to the rental service of Temsa İş Makinaları, you can reach the desired objectives for reasonable prices in a short time. It promises the smooth operation of the equipment it leases thanks to its broad and strong service network.

Advantages of rental Construction Equipment:

  • You do not have to pay depreciation, interest, tax or insurance expenses for the equipment you lease.
  • Your Construction Equipment pays its rent money without any additional charges.
  • You can choose equipment according to the type of the work to be done and the location of the work.
  • You do not have to purchase equipment when there is a task change.
  • Performances of the equipment you have bought decrease as you use the equipment. You can minimise this decrease by rental the equipment.
  • You do not experience any disruptions with the equipment which has a low time.
  • When you want to change your Construction Equipment, you will not have a risk of losing money because of the deprecation.
  • You do not spend your time on repair and maintenance tasks.

Temsa İş Makinaları supports different usage areas of your machine with various equipment options.

Temsa İş Makinaları cares about your work.

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