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What is Komtrax?

KOMTRAX is a web-based monitoring system -which allows you to view the performance data of your machine on your computer- using the satellite network.

KOMTRAX not only provides information, but also solutions.

All Information Obtainable from the Vehicle:
  • Operating Time
  • Its Location
  • Operating Map
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Warnings/Maintenance Reminder
  • "Out of the Specified Area" Warning
  • Location Changing Movements Report
  • Actual Operating Time (Operating time except for idle running)
  • Operating Time with Attachments
  • Mode Distribution (Economy, Power, Breaker, Lifting)
  • Excavation Time
  • Lifting Time
  • Travel Time
  • Breaker Usage Time
  • Hydraulic Relief Time
  • Load Analysis (Operating time under four different load levels determined by the pump pressure or the motor torque)
    Altitude on Which the Machine Operates
  • E-mail Notifications

Obtaining of the information above is based on the machine model.

Accessing the Komtrax Web Page

Now, Komtrax satellite based remote monitoring system is available for mobile.

You may login to https://m-komtrax.komatsu.co.jp/m/kdc/c/ and install the application by "Add to home screen" option or scan the QR code below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question – Is there a version of the KOMTRAX App available for Android?
Answer – One will be available later this year, 2014

Question – Is the KOMTRAX App available from the Apple App store?
Answer – No, the App is downloaded from Komatsu's website.

Question – How can the customer download the web application?
Answer – It is as simple as visiting Temsamakina.com & following the prompts

Question – What platform does the KOMTRAX App work on?
Answer – The KOMTRAX App is guaranteed to work with iOS7.0.4

Question – What period of time can I view data for?
Answer – Data is available on the mobile app for up to 31 days. You are able to view data that precedes this time by logging onto your KOMTRAX account online.

Question – What is my KOMTRAX logon?
Answer – If you need to access your KOMTRAX account, but are having troubles, please contact Komatsu on +90216 544 53 87 or email gulsemin.ozgun@temsamakina.com

Question – Is the machine data live?
Answer – Machines communicate with the satellites on a daily basis, data is collated overnight and is available the next day to view previous day's workings.

Question – Why isn't my machine showing any current data?
Answer – Contact +90216 544 53 87 or email gulsemin.ozgun@temsamakina.com

Question – Why aren't all of my machines showing on the app?
Answer – Contact +90216 544 53 87 or email gulsemin.ozgun@temsamakina.com

For any questions and support please contact;
Gülsemin ÖZGÜN
Tel: +90 216 544 58 01

 Click here to download the User Manuel

What is Komcare?

It is a periodic and protective Maintenance Agreement for Komatsu equipment.

Scope of Komcare

It includes filters, lubricants, labour and road fees which are determined to be replaced periodically by the manufacturer firm.

In addition to the replacements, the trained service technicians perform controls on numerous points of the machine and identifies the abnormalities if any. Components whose periods are uncertain -such as air filter, air conditioner filter and belt- cannot be included in the standard agreement.

  • Original spare parts, Komatsu oils and maintenance performed by trained technicians keep the performance of the machine at a high level.
  • Second-hand price of your machine is high.
  • Early revisions for main components such as the engine, transmission and hydraulic pump are avoided.
  • You do not need to stock filter and oil; all the necessary filters and oils are supplied by service technicians.
  • Amount of the oil you need is calculated in litres.
  • During the term of the agreement, you will not be affected by price increases and you can determine your expenses in advance.
  • Potential failures can be identified in advance thanks to the oil analyses performed periodically.
  • Operating time can be tracked via the Komtrax satellite tracking system and maintenance tasks can be performed without delay.
  • Purchasing and accounting transactions are simplified and high prices are avoided.
  • At the end of the agreement term, you will be presented a "Temsa İş Makinaları Maintenance Certificate" upon your request.

You can contact the nearest "Temsa İş Makinaları Services" for the Advantageous Komcare Maintenance Agreement.

 Click here to download the Digital Leaflet.

What is Komplus?

It is an Extended Guarantee Agreement for Komatsu equipment.

Scope of Komplus

There are two categories of Komplus Extended Guarantee Agreements: Machine and Component.
Machine Guarantee contains all services provided in the standard guarantee. Component Guarantee contains powerline components such as the motor , transmission, differential gear and hydraulic pump.

What are the advantages of Komplus?

  • You can extend the guarantee period as much as you want.
  • You do not face unexpected expensive revisions.
  • You can always use your machine with high efficiency levels.
  • Second-hand price of your machine is preserved.
  • You have the opportunity of planning the expenses beforehand.
  • You can concentrate on your work rather than thinking about your machine.
  • At the end of the term of agreement, you receive a "Temsa İş Makinaları Extended Guarantee Certificate".

You can contact the nearest "Temsa İş Makinaları Services" for the Advantageous Komplus Extended Guarantee Agreement..

 Click here to download the Digital Leaflet.

What is TİMcare?

It is an Economic Maintenance Agreement for Komatsu equipment.

You can contact the nearest "Temsa İş Makinaları Services" for the Advantageous Economic Maintenance Agreement.