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KOMTRAX not only provides information, but also solutions.

All Information Obtainable from the Vehicle:
  • Operating Time
  • Its Location
  • Operating Map
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Warnings/Maintenance Reminder
  • "Out of the Specified Area" Warning
  • Location Changing Movements Report
  • Actual Operating Time (Operating time except for idle running)
  • Operating Time with Attachments
  • Mode Distribution (Economy, Power, Breaker, Lifting)
  • Excavation Time
  • Lifting Time
  • Travel Time
  • Breaker Usage Time
  • Hydraulic Relief Time
  • Load Analysis (Operating time under four different load levels determined by the pump pressure or the motor torque)
    Altitude on Which the Machine Operates
  • E-mail Notifications

Obtaining of the information above is based on the machine model.

Accessing the Komtrax Web Page