Hensley, whose centre is in Dallas, USA, is the world's biggest wear parts and teeth systems manufacturer. As Temsa İş Makinaları, we offer boron steel based grader blades for all grader brands with competitive prices.

Hensley, which is one of the biggest teeth and blade manufacturers in the world, manufactures its products in its plants located in Dallas, Texas. Hensley is the OEM supplier of numerous Construction Equipment manufacturers and it is a firm that proved its technology especially with the high quality levels and long-standing durations of its products.

As Temsa İş Makinaları, we have started to import Grader Blades in recent years in addition to the KMAX Teeth Systems of Hensley. Hensly Grader Blades have a hardness resistance of 400 HB minimum as they are boron-reinforced.

Grader Blades, whose mechanical specifications have been maximised by means of special heat treatments in Hensley plants, can be used in all types of graders for very reasonable prices.

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