In parallel with dozer sales, which has significantly increased during the recent years, Temsa İş Makinaları has started to import tip blades and middle blades for dozers from Hensley.

Thanks to their superior metallurgical specifications and the heat treatments applied, Hensley Dozer blades come to the forefront with their long life time even under the toughest conditions.

Tip Blades

Manufactured by Hensley, the high-quality tip blades has a high resistance against abrasion and are presented to our customers for much more reasonable prices compared to the rivals. You can obtain tip blades, which are the parts being abraded the earliest in dozers- with Hensley quality via Temsa İş Makinaları.

Middle Blades

You can order Hensley branded dozer middle blades from Temsa İş Makinaları dealers for your Komatsu dozers.

 Click here to download "Hensley Teeth and Blade Systems" leaflet.