Komatsu reserves a large part of its endorsement for R&D works and is the world leader in the field of firms it cooperates with. For example, the seals it designs and uses in its machines are generally Nok. Nok is one of the world's leading firms it its field. Even this example shows that Komatsu spares no expense for Quality in the short term. It is not difficult to manufacture goods cheaply. You can minimise the cost by using poor quality materials. But you cannot offer quality products to your customers or you cannot become a major brand.

Why Original spare parts; The constituent parts of the machine are designed blow-by-blow individually prior to the manufacturing process.

These parts cannot operate on their own; therefore, they need to be designed together with the parts they will work together.

In the light of this information, it is clearly seen that statements such as imported, local or Japanese -which are located next to the part in the list prepared by the sub-industry product sellers- are not important at all.