Komatsu undercarriage parts are designed and developed with high quality in accordance with Komatsu Engineering Standards. Komatsu evaluates and manufactures the hardness and conformity of all the wear parts it produces as a whole. This feature makes Komatsu carriage parts superior compared to its competitors.

Steel Chain Links
Chain links manufactured from manganese steel get hardened by undergoing a heat treatment process and thus they become abrasion-resistant.

Sprocket Rim
Komatsu manufactures sprocket traction rims as one piece or in pieces. Both types of segment teeth manufactured from silicon manganese steel and hardened gears are impact-resistant and can withstand heavy operating conditions.

Single-grouser, triple grouser, offset and swamp-shoes are designed pursuant to your working conditions. Each shoe type is manufactured from the best quality steel alloy and made abrasion-resistant by being subjected to heat treatment.

Track Idlers
Track idlers, whose design and manufacture processes are computer-aided, operate levelly and their abrasion time has been extended. Their surface hardness is between 52 and 60 HrC and its depth is between 3 and 5 mm according to the size of the track idler.

Komatsu offers 2 types of chains: Dry and oily. Both types of chains can be easily mounted and removed. Oily chains have lots of benefits. They prevent foreign substances from getting in while lubricating the inner parts. They reduce abrasion of bushings and pins and protect the segment teeth.

Pins and Bushings
Komatsu chain pins and bushings are made of a special composite steel. Their surfaces and bodies are impact and abrasion-resistant. Pins and bushings operate in perfect harmony thanks to their precision machining.

Komatsu rollers are composed of a two-piece forged steel subjected to heat treatment. Surface hardness is between 53 and 60 HrC while the centre hole hardness is 40 HrC. Seat and core parts are produced from iron casting with precision machining. Surface of the bushings are made from deformation and friction-resistant steel. Shaft hardness is 60 HrC. It is wear-resistant, it has a superior lubrication feature and the seals on it keeps the lubricant/oil in and the dirt out.

Komatsu carriage parts are manufactured with high quality standards in Komatsu's own plants.