Komatsu original oils are especially designed by Komatsu for our GALEO (ecot3) machines operating under heavy load. Just like our machines, our lubricants meet the highest standards. Considering the fuel quality in our country, we, as TEMSA, recommend our customers to use ORIGINAL KOMATSU OIL especially in the new generation HPRC-High Pressure Common Rail ECOT3 motors used in our new machines which we started to sell as of 2006.

Why? Because new generation motors called Tier 3 require perfect lubrication performance. According to the European Union norms, Tier 3 motors, usage of which will be mandatory in our country soon, require that Nitrogen Oxide (Nox) is reduced by %40 in construction equipment diesel-powered motor gas emissions. DH-1, which is the standard for Komatsu diesel-powered motor oil, has ultrahigh thermal stability, cleaning and emanative features.

In general sense, thermal stability indicates the oxidation resistance of lubricants in operating conditions under high temperature. Oxidation results from the interaction of oxygen with the sediment arising from the increasing viscosity of the oil. Cleaning and emanative features incarcerate the insoluble soot and fly ashes in the oil and prevents the formation of sediments harmful to the motor. Original Komatsu DH-1 lubricants, which have the above-mentioned features, keep the motor clean; in brief, they minimise the maintenance costs and harm to the environment.