Temsa İş Makinaları (Construction Equipment), which is conscious about the importance of the quality and features of the bucket for construction equipment, has been manufacturing construction equipment buckets with Temsa brand since 2007. Temsa branded buckets are preferred by the whole sector with their smooth design and high strength of materials.


Temsa İş Makinaları manufactures more than a hundred types of buckets with its experience and qualified labour force in its 5000 m2 manufacturing plant in Adana. Diversity of the products are increased by means of the standardisation provided in the manufacturing plant and the quality control which is carried out at every stage. With an annual manufacturing capacity of 800 pieces, we can produce buckets / attachments up to 20 tons.

Temsa excavator buckets are manufactured as standard or rock bucket from 0.15 m3 to 7.5 m3 and loader buckets are manufactured as standard, wear edge, coal or rock bucket from 0.8 m3 to 7.6 m3.

Temsa branded buckets are exported to 10 countries.


The main component material of the buckets called standard, wear edge and coal is S355 quality steel and 400-450 brinell wear plates which are hardened by means of heat treatment are used on the parts exposed to abrasion.

As for the rock buckets, hardened steel material with a hardness of 400-450 HB is used as the main component material. In rock-type buckets, steel material with a S355 quality is used in the bearer-junction groups so that there is a relatively ductile area between the rigid bucket and the machine. Steel plates used in the manufacturing process are supplied with their certificates from international leading expert manufacturers.

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