KXV Welded Segments

Welded segments, which are manufactured from high alloy steels with special heat treatments in Sweden, imported and offered to the Turkish market by Temsa İş Makinaları.

In the buckets of the Construction Equipment which especially work under tough conditions, the edge blades and teeth abrasions cause extra costs and work loss.Extending the lives of buckets, edge blades, teeth and adapters are possible now thanks to the welded segments.

  • Segment profiles that are extremely resistant with a hardness value of 500 HB are very easy to apply on buckets.
  • Using welded segments in wear edge buckets extends the lifetime of edge blades up to 2-4 times.
  • They can be used as side blades in buckets.
  • They protect the edge blades in teeth buckets as well as reducing the teeth abrasion by 30%.

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KVX Wear Plates

As Temsa İş Makinaları, we know for sure that our customers have different physical conditions even if they work in similar sectors. The most important need of our customers who work under hard conditions are abrasion resistance and the concomitant business continuity in their equipment.

KVX wear plates offer a very high abrasion resistance with a hardness value of more than 500 HB and are one of the important solutions in order your operation run uninterrupted.

Prolong the life of your buckets with KVX Wear plates
KVX is a Norwegian firm unrivaled in terms of the solutions it creates especially for Construction Equipment operating under the toughest conditions. 500 HB wear plates manufactured by KVX, which is a Komatsu affiliate, can be used where impact and abrasion resistance are required;

  • Construction Equipment buckets (inner surfaces, outer back part and lateral surfaces etc.)
  • Dozer and grader blades (upper side of the scraping blades, tips of blades etc.)
  • Dump truck dumpers (inner surfaces where material friction occurs)
  • Mobile crushers (a lot of areas exposed to abrasion)

High-alloy and boron-reinforced "Sagitta" steel is used in KVX wear plates. Impact resistance and abrasion resistance of 500 HB wear plates, which are manufactured by KVX firm with its expertise in heat treatment field, are very high.

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Shoulder Protectors

The biggest problem of the Construction Equipment users who work under heavy conditions is bucket resistance. Especially for abrasive quarries and other challenging sectors, it is a very important requirement to manufacture the buckets suitable for severe service conditions. For this purpose, Temsa İş Makinaları uses shoulder protecting supports in their buckets depending on customer demands. Thus, edge tearing which may occur in the buckets are avoided.