COMBI teeth systems are designed to operate under all conditions and has a wide product range. In this way, you can choose the most suitable teeth system for your needs.


COMBI teeth has two types of locking systems: C-Lock and Slag Lock.
It is recommended to use the Slag-Lock locking system in degrees above 80°C (176°F).


A1 adapter which is assembled from above is easy to use and does not require additional parts. It is the most appropriate adapter type for middle level abrasion and resistance. It makes a flat and smooth bucket bottom when used together with T1, T3 or T29 teeth. A8L adapter hangs on the bucket tightly from both upper and lower sides; thus, it can bear hard conditions. Replacing the BA and BAC adapters which are assembled with bolt is easy. They are suitable for middle level resistance.


It is a useful adapter that is mounted from the top. It is designed to create a flat surface. It can be used with excavators under some circumstances. Recommended edge thickness is 30-40 mm. This thickness can increase by 10 mm when used together with the T48 teeth.


It is designed so that it can perform general and tough loading tasks on various grounds. It can be used with excavators under some circumstances.


It is designed for both general and abrasive tough surfaces. It can be a multipurpose tool thanks to its high diving ability. It can be used with excavators under some circumstances.


It has a high resistance for wearing out and a perfect diving ability. It provides protection for the adapter on tough grounds.


  • COMBI teeth systems has the longest duration for abrasion in the world.
  • They are manufactured from durable and light materials.
  • They have a wide product range.
  • They prolong the lifetime of the bucket with ideal teeth-adapter combinations.
  • They are environment-friendly.
  • They are guaranteed against breaking and teeth loss.
  • C-lock locking system is easy to use and impact-resistant.
  • Teeth and adapters are leashed tightly and they do not juggle.
  • It has a 70% abrasion rate and becomes sharp as it gets abraded.
  • Thanks to the patented protection, the teeth preserves its smoothness even if it gets abraded from the underside.
  • The teeth provide protection for the adapters.
  • Robust and durable adapters.